Pharmaceutical Technology Industry Limited Liability Company

Our company is distinguished by leadership, innovation, experience and growth. It is the first company specialized in the manufacture and development of medicines and medical preparations in the country.

Good planning and product selection

Study the market and its requirements, and the market need for pharmaceutical products Based on the diseases spread in the country It is planned to produce the latest drug used to treat the target disease


The competent team is working on preparing the manufacturing requirements and preparing them to start production, specifying the target quantity, the duration and the specific market, and directing the manufacturing operations

Quality control

We care about controlling the quality of medicines to ensure the effectiveness of the product and its compliance with the required specifications

after sale

All our customers are kept in our company's database We follow up on all after-sales operations and customer feedback And update information about all our products

About Us

About Our Company

It is the first company specialized in the pharmaceutical and medical preparations development industry in the country
She is the only one so far.

Look for a vision to go beyond human health and well-being. As you seek ready to work in the development of the pharmaceutical industry It is specialized in supplying and maintaining machines and supplying spare parts to them. The materials needed to operate the factories It strives for high quality standards through research and development of new products from natural and plant sources.

Our Acheivements

Our Products
Trusted Clients
Total Employee

We are Providing

Our Services

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Farnesoid X Receptor

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Therapeutic Focus

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Investigator Initiated

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medicine is dangerous

Taking the medicine in an improper manner will have a detrimental effect on your health Do not stop the medication and do not increase the dose on your own

get your medicine

Medicamentum in tempore sumens et dosis praescriptae a medico, exitum habebit optatum


Storage, preservation and transportation of medicines in a proper manner, the medicine will be safe and give the desired therapeutic effect

Our team

Our team We focus on core competencies and her many years of experience. Thus, we occupy a leading position in many therapeutic areas
For example, we are keen on distinguished, experts and ambitious people to work with us or participate in our project
We are also striving for such a leading position in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Team

Our team is great He loves teamwork. Collaboration and access to knowledge to achieve success Every day he learns and learns more

Quality assurance

Project Manager

Quality assurance
Managed by experts who are meticulous, skilled and experienced in all manufacturing processes
We don’t allow a chance for mistakes
Revision and focus are very important at work


We take care of sterilization, which is very important before and after our industrial operations


Our operations are according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
We take care of the safety of our products
We care about quality


Manufacturing only is not enough, we must research and develop and introduce everything new
Our partners are great, they are the best and they are able to develop with us
We know what we are doing, and when we decide to succeed, we will succeed We do not imitate anyone, we create ourselves with our skill, knowledge and experience And we aspire to more