Our Services

-In addition to manufacturing and production,
-our company is interested in providing API.
-Training services for students and graduates from specialized colleges Adopting scientific research,
-And studies in the field of medicines and their effects,
-Supplying machines, and production lines Factory operation,
-calibration Maintenance of machines and installation of spare parts.

industrial processes

industrial processes
Raw materials synthesis
Extracting materials from their natural sources
Separation of materials and detection of components of the elements


Semi-finished preparation of medicines & Final packed Hospital mobilization processing wholesale mobilization and processing in individual packing for personal use


  • Our company is not traditional, it is characterized by skill and professionalism
    We will work according to accurate action plans
    We will work with a team with long experience in the field of manufacturing
    With knowledge, work and skill, we will provide the best for our partners and customers.

Our sources and suppliers

We care about all offers from trusted manufacturers. and drug research centers
We keep their data in our system. and contact details. and their products. and product certifications.
We care about quality, reliability and a good basic product based on rigorous tests and real experience.

We seek

We seek more than human well-being, health and safety, prevention of diseases and limiting the spread of epidemics.
We strive to develop good product for disease free society.
We seek international cooperation and companies similar to us in the goal and competence to exchange knowledge and technology and exchange experiences

Medicinal Awakening

One of our services and interest is to provide the latest information, developments and research in the field of medicine
Doctors are informed of the latest information and new discoveries.
Inform doctors of products that are discontinued or developed by the World Health Organization
Publishing the latest science, medical research and scientific publications to keep pace with scientific development.
Consultation with specialized centers on any observations, effects or results through information from doctors or clients


Our company is interested in training and developing skills in the pharmaceutical industry
Preventing risks and preventing errors in industrial processes