About Us

About Our Company

It is the first company specialized in the pharmaceutical and medical preparations development industry in the country
She is the only one so far.

Look for a vision to go beyond human health and well-being. As you seek ready to work in the development of the pharmaceutical industry It is specialized in supplying and maintaining machines and supplying spare parts to them. The materials needed to operate the factories It strives for high quality standards through research and development of new products from natural and plant sources.

Our Team

Success is having knowledge, skill and technology, And constantly developing We have this and we have more too,

reiad zabeda

Project Manager

Company Founder and Pharmaceutical Industry Expert
Inspector in the field of medicine and medical supplies
General Manager of the Libyan waha Company
Quality Assurance Officer

The Quality control

The Quality control
-Before the manufacturing process
We care a lot about the quality and purity of raw materials
and reliable sources and tested Before the manufacturing process

During the manufacturing process
We monitor all industrial processes with great accuracy
-We carefully monitor the stages of mixing
We take consecutive samples and record them
– after manufacturing
We make sure the final product matches
We check the product in terms of shape, weight, size, quality and conformity to specifications according to the Pharmacopoeia approved in production